Anak ni Waray vs Anak ni Biday/When I fall in love


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Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday The friendship of Idang(Nida Blanco) and Biday(Gloria Romero), as well as their husbands Narding(Nestor de Villa) and Ely(Luis Gonzales) started when they won as a tie at a dance competition The two couples have been best friends since then until they married ans had kids of their own. Susie (Snooky Serna) is the only daughter of Biday and Ely while Amy (maricel Soriano) is the only daughter of idang and Narding. However, their friendship is put to test when Ely, Biday’s husband wins the lottery with the ticket that Narding gave him as a payment for the debt. the two families who used to be best friends, becomes enemies and rivals in everything they do. From their home appliances to food for dinner. and putting up a store,birth sides had to compete and by all means win. Who is humble enough to forgive and forget for the sake of friendship? WHEN I FALL IN LOVE law student Carolina Borja (Maricel Soriano) encourages her fellow students to join protest for the welfare of school janitors when the university administration decided to lay off all the janitors as part of a cost-cutting plan for the development of school facilities. With the help of school papers Editor-in-chief(Janice de Belen), Carolina was able to spread the message that convinced the whole stident populace including the antoligistic student council president Fernando Acebedo(William Martinez). Determined to make a difference, Carolina has successfully built a strong force of students fighting for a good cause.

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